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Dear Friends and Fellow Travelers, 

I have been asked countless times, "Hanna, If I returned someday could we go beyond what we have learned and experienced on this tour?" I have always responded, "Of course!" 

Five years ago we had the opportunity to initiate our first Go Beyond tour, since we had an amazing time we have decided to have this available every year! This year we are excited to invite you to experience the GO BEYOND 5 tour! 

See, taste, and witness more of the land, while learning from leaders and experts who can answer some of those questions you have always wanted to ask. 

This tour is not suitable for newcomers to Israel, rather this is a custom designed tour for those who have come already and hunger for more! If you have longed to return, longed to see more and deepen your understanding...come join us on this tour! It is especially designed to encourage, deepen and build you up for the days ahead. As you journey, we'll trust the Lord to meet you here! 

Hope to see you again in 2017! 


Go Beyond Tour Dates




November 16 - 26, 2017 
Price is $1,695 per person in double occupancy 
For more information, 
contact Jerusalem Eternal Tours

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